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About Chef Danielle Liz
Growing up in a family where food was an essential ingredient to any event, Chef Danielle Liz realized the quality and integrity of food at a young age. She was introduced to several delicious treats which showcased her Creole heritage as well as introducing soul from around the world. Some of her earliest memories in the kitchen  are at the tender age of seven creating 5-course meals out of mud, berries, & leaves in her grandparents backyard. 

Honing in on those creative skills and utilizing various techniques, in conjunction with professional training via Le Cordon Bleu-California School of Culinary Arts, Chef Danielle Liz has produced countless culinary creations in the areas of catering, private and personal chef services, and sweet treats such as Cookie Wookie. 

Chef Danielle Liz has catered numerous events ranging from intimate dinner parties to wedding receptions and event launch parties. Nothing brings the Chef more joy than to fulfill someone's culinary dream! Her style is eclectic, combining spices and techniques from various cuisines. She would call it "Soul Food" because everything she prepares comes from her soul.

Believing in the future of our children, Chef Danielle Liz felt it was imperative to teach them healthy meal solutions. She started The Classroom Chef, an interactive educational company that goes into classrooms to teach students healthy meal solutions. The Single Ladies Survival Guide to Cooking is another creative outlet for the Chef; utilizing motivational experiences and recipes to create a self-help cook book. Cookie Wookie a gourmet cookie boutique enables her creativity to transform the traditional cookie into a extraordinary dessert.

The sky is the limit for Chef Danielle Liz with aspirations of restaurants, additional cookbooks, and more! 

Chef Danielle Liz lives by her motto "Live Well. Eat Good!"

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